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Designing processes with information technologies

With DIGITAL OPERATIONS BeOne Hamburg successfully combines the interplay between processes, information technology and organization. In Process Management we distinguish standard and adaptive processes.

Standardised processes

In Business Process Management (BPM) we focus on the transparency of business operation to detect potentials and optimize processes with the help of information technology. Often a project phase has an IT rollout in advance, in which business processes are standardized. In this phase we operationally support our customers through creating project schedules or planning and executing workshops and process modelling. We intensively accompany the implementation of processes and pass on our knowledge to the employees.

Adaptive processes

In classic Business Process Management the focus lies on a high standardization of business processes that underlie certain steady frameworks during repetition. Especially in the environment of Industrie 4.0 regarding high process variants, modelling methods like BPMN 2.0 or Event-driven process chains (EPC) with their static sequences reach their limits. In contrast to classic BMP, the Adaptive Case Management (ACM) does not focus on processes but rather on single cases. Every case has a defined objective which can be achieved through different paths.

The process participants are not „trapped „in lineal process chains anymore. They can decide situationally which processes or process steps will be initiated. Thereby every work stage is documented to a degree, that a certification is feasible. Logical linkages can be displayed and automated through adaptive and highly dynamic processes. Your company can adapt dynamically to varying requirements – in company- or production processes.


Please contact us for project examples and find out,

  • how we modelize adaptive processes in Industrie 4.0 projects,
  • how we optimize your business processes and
  • how we can operatively support your rollout phase.

Thilo Jeske - CEO @ BeOne Hamburg


Thilo Jeske