Icon Industrie 4.0 @ BeOne HamburgThe German term ‘Industrie 4.0’ was created by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and describes the vision of future production ‘when people, machines and industrial processes are intelligently networked’.

Design processes consistent and dynamic – with Digital Factory and Product Lifecycle Management

With DIGITAL OPERATIONS BeOne Hamburg successfully combines the interplay between processes, information technology and organization. Digital transformation and Industrie 4.0 require transparent and dynamic business processes, namely over the complete product lifecycle: from the configuration of individual products (small batch size, unique items), their production in globally networked, cyber-physical systems up to the operation of business models in service. At BeOne Hamburg we link our longstanding engineering expertise with process competence and production know-how. Digital Factory and Product Lifecycle Management are in the spotlight for us, they trigger and complement each other.

 Digital Factory

With Digital Factory we can create an exact image of the actual factory with the structure, processes and resources. Building data, materials handling, logistics, line equipment and employees are mapped virtually. With this digital models we can analyze, optimize and simulate methods and tool of your production, logistics and work processes.

The Digital Factory

  • provides a transparent and consistent production,
  • creates the base for a flexible and safe production planning (product variants, small batch sizes),
  • and provides a decision base for short-term production changes (errors, outages).

 Please contact us for project examples and find out,

  • which processes of customers we already have successfully analyzed and optimized through 3D simulation,
  • how frontloading prematurely recognizes errors in the production and therefore decreases planning risks and how optimization in terms of Lean Production can be planned in the digital factory and
  • how you can detect potentials with the help of Industrie 4.0 workshops or demo factories.


Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) secures a consistent availability of production data along the complete product development process and therefore assures the continuous information process from the development over the production up to the service:

  • Products are clearly identifiable and locatable at all times.
  • You know their history, their actual as well as prospective state.

Product variants, different versioning as well as not consistent data formats increase the complexity in the product data management. Together with our customers we record all existing processes and model them regarding current and future requirements. Interfaces to CAD, ERP and MES systems are taken into account just like used and planned technologies such as Virtual Reality.

Please contact us for project examples and find out,

  • which processes of customers we already have successfully analyzed and optimized,
  • which challenges we see using different IT systems,
  • with which measure we can encourage communication and cooperation across departmental boundaries.

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Thilo Jeske