„Always on“ secure your ITIL-based Service Management

With DIGITAL OPERATIONS BeOne Hamburg successfully combines the interplay between processes, information technology and organization.

The car of the future – Connected Car- requires vehicle-related online services such as battery management for electric cars or a SIM-Card with mobile connectivity for entertainment offers and the eCall function. Embedded SIMs underlie a contractual relationship between the automobile manufacturers and the mobile provider. Respectively processes for the entire product lifecycle, from logistics up to the deactivation have to be developed and implemented in the running Service Management.

Our ITIL-certificated team has a broad knowledge in Service Management with national and international mobile network operator as well as over wireless technologies (2G-4G) and M2M platforms. They develop and implement, optimize and integrate new processes in Service Management. Through the 2nd Level Support they ensure the connectivity of vehicle-related online services in operation.

Please contact us for project examples and find out,

  • which interfaces are substantial for process Analysis,
  • which tool experience we gathered in Service Management,
  • in which industries we envision the usage of SIM-Cards and how we can provide our expertise.

Daniel Stitz - Head of Section @ BeOne Hamburg



Daniel Stitz
Business Development