channel impuls Forum 2017More than 60 people accepted the invitation of the DLR’s Institute of Air Transportation Systems at the TU Hamburg, Channel Hamburg e. V. and BeOne Hamburg and came to the premiere of our cooperation event. The event series started this year with the topic: Connectivity as one of the four dimensions of digitalization.

As an introduction to the topic Dr. Peter Samulat presented the core statements of his book “The Digitization of the World – How the Industrial Internet of Things turns products to services”. His presentation was followed by contributions from sciences: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Gollnick (director of DLR’s Institute) presented the Integrated Design Lab with its digital working environment. Prof. Dr.-Ing Andreas Timm-Giel (Technical University Hamburg) spoke about the „Digital future supported by Communication Networks“.

After a short break Thilo Jeske (BeOne Hamburg GmbH) and Christian Wiebus (NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH) focussed in their joint keynote on the topic CONNECTIVITY und gave the starting signal for the panel discussion. Hamburg based scientists, representatives of companies and economic development discussed the opportunities and potentials of the digitalization as well as the open issues and barriers. In addition the audience asked some exciting statements and questions.

During the break and after the official program experts explained their use cases:

  • Garz & Fricke: Networking of vending machines
  • NXP: Secure communication by using secure gateways in facility management
  • DLR: Integrated Design Lab
  • BeOne Hamburg: Connectivity Management by means of SIM cards in vehicles

  • channel impuls forum at DLR’s Institute of Air Transportation Systems at the TU Hamburg

© all pictures: THINK ABOUT GmbH

The participants particularly liked the mix of contributions and dialogue as well as high practical and local relevance. In the future this event series is supposed to become an annual networking event in and for Harburg. Together with channel hamburg e. V. and DLR’s Institute we are pleased about the successful kick-off of the channel impuls forum.

We thank all speakers, exhibitors and participants for their active involvement.

Premiere of the channel impuls forum on 2017, September 20th